Soft Boys Memorabilia

Poster for the live recording at Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge 1978.

Actual size, 16"H x 21"W

This recording was never released as a live album, as promised, although it is available in various formats, bootlegs etc.

Notice the admission price   ...£1.00!
Soft Boys poster from Cambridge,1979, for a concert promoting their first album "A Can of Bees"

Actual size, 24"H x 17"W


CSU = Cambridge Students Union

CCATSU= Cambridge College of Arts and Technology Students Union

Admission was £1.00 (about $1.50) in advance, £1.25 on the door!


Program from Cambridge's summer festival "Strawberry Fair", 1978. (Note the "new romantic meets psychedelia" styling!)

It is interesting to see both the Soft Boys, and Chris Hamburger and Kimberley Rew's band, called (in this incarnation) "The Hamburger Waves" on the same bill. Even though their first album is still several months away, it is the Soft Boys who are headlining and have the coveted privilege of a scheduled start time.

Significantly, the previous year the Waves had taken the headline spot.

With the Waves in decline and the SB's on the rise it is not surprising that around this time Kimberley jumped ship and became a Soft Boy. 


How I got my first Thoth badge!
Thanks to Mike Godwin for this one. (Many years after the first 1998!)
This one vintage circa 1978/79.
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