Cort/Jim Triggs TRG-2


Cort is one of the largest, highest quality but least known manufacturers of guitars in the world. For years they have been making mid price instruments for other well-known names such as Epiphone and Gretsch. 

Now they've decided that they are good enough to play with the big boys and make a name in their own right. They started by creating their own branded lines of original design instruments with the highest possible quality and attension to detail. Then they signed heavyweight endorsees like Larry Coryell and Matt "guitar" Murphy. Finally they took the unusual step of signing up star Luthiers such as Greg Curbow and Jim Triggs to design unique instruments for them. 

Jim Triggs is one of the most respected arch top builders out there, and has been building handmade instruments in his Nashville, Tennessee shop for 25 years. His clients include players as diverse as country artist Alan Jackson to the legendary Steve Miller. 

Cort commissioned Jim to design and engineer this guitar for them to offer an affordable thin line semi-acoustic guitar which would compete with Gibson's famous ES335 and Gretsch Nashville models. 

Body is 1 7/8" deep, 16" wide, maple with a spruce top. Set neck construction, bound rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets. Mighty Mite humbuckers, Tunamatic bridge, and a Bigbsy-licensed trem tailpiece.

Sadly this model is no longer being made. Get 'em while you can!

Cool Features:

    - Versatile: Does Rockabilly, Jazz and Blues
      equally well
    - Everyone comments on its cool BLACK looks
    - Roller saddles on the bridge and Graphite nut
    - Minimalist no-dot neck
    - Chunky wide neck
    - Clear ringing semi-acoustic tone
    - One of the best bargains out there